Learn How to Airbrush Animals For the Beginner - Paolo Lopez de Leon & John Davidson

Learn How to Airbrush Animals For the Beginner

By Paolo Lopez de Leon & John Davidson

  • Release Date: 2015-01-02
  • Genre: Art et architecture


Learn How to Airbrush Animals For the Beginner

Colors Terms
Airbrush and its Mechanism
Maintenance and Troubleshooting
How to Hold an Airbrush:
Basic Airbrush Exercises:
Airbrushing a Line
Connecting Dots
Connecting Lines
Gradation Effects
Airbrush Exercises:
Young Elephant
Howler Monkey
Author Bio


First of all thanks for getting this eBook as a guide for you in the world of airbrushing, as you want to learn to airbrush animals, basically you need to get the proper materials if you want to learn it, and this eBook is all about it, an Airbrush art is far different from other media as you see the effects you get when working with an Airbrush is infinite, it can paint the finest to a broadest details that you need in any artworks, you can see it’s influences in world “Pop Culture”- Posters/Pin ups, Commercial Illustrations, Movies industries, Clothing, Body art and Signs/Graffiti on the streets.

So “How can one start Airbrushing?”, well you need an Airbrush and Air Compressor to start your Airbrush art (more details about this later), and your dedication, since you need to build your Airbrushing skills, I understand if your first spray will look like a mess, so you need a train properly and that’s how this book is all about to teach you basic skills moving to Intermediates and Advanced( it will be depend in your improvement as you build your experience when handling your Airbrush) , as even all pro started the same way, so what you have to do is to read this, and practice, it’s the key for your success. So have fun Airbrushing.